ozone & Seafood



• Kills Listeria & Other Pathogens

• Extends Shelf Life — both direct product & ice/slush application

• Eliminates Odors

• Unique Sanitation Benefits vs Any Other Chemical or Technology

• Eliminates or Reduces Chemical Cleaning

• Easily Adapted into Existing Processes — ice machines, pin boning, filet, both food and non-food contact surfaces

• Sanitizes Ice Using Any Water Quality

• Penetrates & Destroys Slime & Biofilm

• FDA & USDA Organic Certified



• Shellfish

• Aquaculture

• Seafood Processing

• Retail


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Guardian Ozone systems provide seafood processors with safer, fresher seafood through advanced science and engineering. A single Guardian ozone system can be configured for multiple applications within your facility, saving time, effort, and money. Ozone sanitation of ice, slush, and IQF processes offer seafood processors unique and important benefits in maintaining the highest level of product safety. A wide range of studies have shown that ozone can be used as a replacement for synthetic chemical sanitizers. Ozone can be plumbed directly into pin bone and fillet machines. Using ozone for truck wash down complies with transport regulatory requirements and is an economical and efficient sanitation process. To maximize flexibility, Guardian Ozone machines can be configured to simultaneously support both aqueous and gaseous applications from a single piece of equipment.


Seafood processed with ozone has a much longer shelf-life and is safer, fresher, and more appealing to customers. An increasing number of seafood processing facilities are using ozone in their slush, ice, and IQF processing steps to provide product safety and freshness benefits that are unavailable with any other commercial sanitizer.


Ozone is slowly released as the ice melts ensuring that a continuous stream of fresh sanitizer is maintained on the product throughout the packing and transportation process. Not only does this eliminate concerns with pathogen growth during shipment and storage, it also eliminates odors and preserves freshness. Ozone treatment eliminates pathogens from the chill bath while also carrying a sanitizer residual into downstream freeze, packaging and processing steps. Producers are guaranteed the safest, freshest, and highest quality product all the way to delivery to the consumer.


Ozone-enriched rinse provides extremely safe and cost-effective direct-contact and equipment sanitation for processing of whole fish, or as a part of descaling, skinning, deboning, filleting, handling, and packaging operations. Since ozone has greater reactivity it is 50-200 times stronger than chlorine bleach, peroxyacetic acid (PAA), chlorine dioxide, quaternary ammonia or other commercially available disinfection chemicals. Ozone’s oxidizing power allows it to effectively penetrate into and remove slime and biofilm layers that may accumulate on seafood processing equipment. This allows effective sanitation of all surfaces such as conveyor belts, scaling/boning equipment, tables, as well as floors, knives, and tools used during processing. Effective removal of biofilm layers reduces or eliminates places where pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Bacillus and Norovirus can persist within your processing facility. Ozone treatment is also most effective using cold water, eliminating both the need for hot water as well as harsh cleaning chemicals within your plant.


Guardian Ozone provides rugged, ultra-reliable systems to meet the most mission-critical applications. Guardian’s advanced package of process controls and complete online monitoring offer facilities precise control and failsafe automation to ensure the best results. All systems can be supplied with manual or fully-automatic process controls, data collection, and remote monitoring to simplify operations and reduce cost at your facility. Our turn-key systems can be custom-configured to include multiple independent process steps, injection points, or critical control points. Our systems can easily be adapted to new or existing applications of any capacity. Our aqueous ozone systems can be configured for single-purpose use, or include gaseous ozone applications in a single seamlessly integrated process system. All Guardian Ozone systems are UL 508A Listed and precision engineered and built in our ISO9001 Registered manufacturing facility. Our systems are supported by our national network of service professionals.

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