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The greatest strength of the Guardian team is our understanding of the entire ozone delivery process and our ability to integrate this understanding into complete turnkey ozone systems. From concept to completion the Guardian team can provide fixed and mobile solutions for your toughest applications on a global basis.


Ozone system operation and reliability is considered in every design. To date, Guardian systems have logged over 15,000,000 hours of operation since 2010. Since installation in 2010, one of our systems has delivered over 25,000 hours (and counting) of continuous service free operation. The quality and innovation of our products are the reason why Guardian is rapidly becoming the choice of Engineers & Owners worldwide.


Guardian Ozone designs and builds the industry’s only complete UL Listed ozone generator system. Our generator cells and system enclosures include industry-first safety features, including: UL Listed QuadBlocks®, isolated high-voltage components, Integrated High Frequency (23kHz) Power Supplies, Fully Sealed System Enclosures, Internal Ambient Ozone Detectors, Internal Hi-Concentration Ozone Analyzers, Integrated Isolation & Check Valves, Real-Time Systems Diagnostics & Trending, and 50+ Built-In System Alarms.


QuadBlock® ozone generator technology establishes the new benchmark in design, features, and performance for ozone generation. The net result is an ozone generation system featuring excellent power efficiency, high ozone output per unit area and totally silent operation. Specific features include: Industry Leading Power Efficiency, Integrated Controls, Rugged Construction, Ceramic Dielectrics, Built-In High-Frequency PSU, Dual Air/Water Cooling, Constant %BW Output and Closed Loop O2 Flow Control.

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