High Purity Water

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ozone in High Purity Water



• Reduces Energy Use

• Eliminates Distillation Cost

• Achieves USP Water Quality

• Oxidizes Organics & Microorganisms

• Enhances Downstream Filtration

• Achieves WFI (0169) Requirements

• Effective Sanitation/CIP

• Easily Incorporated with MF/UF/RO & UV Systems

• Compatible with Most Existing Systems



• Toothpaste

• Shampoo/Conditioner

• Pharmaceuticals

• Detergents

• Baby Wipes

• Hand Soap


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Ozone is used in the treatment of water for the production of a wide range of consumer and/or pharmaceutical products. Ozone’s powerful oxidizing capacity, short residual, and minimal by-products make it ideal for disinfection in USP and WFI processes. Ozone provides a clean, safe temporal disinfectant residual within facility piping systems all the way to the application point without producing residuals or chemical by-products.


The most recent regulatory change to the Water For injection (0169)(WFI) monograph approves ozone when applied downstream of MF/UF/RO filtration. As a result, ozone treatment can now replace costly distillation processes in many USP or WFI applications. Because of its flexibility, ozone treatment can be easily adopted into most treatment processes.


Guardian Ozone provides rugged, ultra-reliable systems to meet the most mission-critical applications. Guardian’s advanced package of process controls and complete online monitoring offer facilities precise control and failsafe automation to ensure the best results. All systems can be supplied with manual or fully-automatic process controls, data collection, and remote monitoring to simplify operations and reduce cost at your facility. Our turn-key systems can be custom-configured to include multiple independent process steps, injection points, or critical control points. Our systems can easily be adapted to new or existing applications of any capacity. Our aqueous ozone systems can be configured for single-purpose use, or multiple applications in a single seamlessly integrated process system. All Guardian Ozone systems are UL 508A Listed and precision engineered and built in our ISO9001 Registered manufacturing facility. Our systems are supported by our national network of service professionals.

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